By sally crompton, Mar 24 2017 12:00PM

So I've been working on the Multi-Mirror Videos to try and focus on the action of the swing and particularly movement in the hands and arms.... rather than just a plain swing video playback..its been quite an adventure and next step is to take it out to Stratford Oaks and give it a try on the big screen...

By sally crompton, Jan 12 2017 02:09PM

Multi-Mirror Compare Goes Live - you can now compare with your own shots as well as compare with a Pro for Driver, Iron and Pitch shots

By sally crompton, Dec 9 2016 02:20PM

Thanks again to Andy Dunbar at Stratford Oaks I now have my 3 golfers, Sam Whitehead (pro), Phoebe Anderson and Tom Cleaton (Rugby Golf Club and Warwickshire Junior Teams)..

.you can compare 2 of your own shots, compare with a pro/junior or even compare the pro/junior's driver, iron, or pitch shots ..plenty to think about!

I've just tested the new version and so with a few more tweaks it should be ready for the xmas break and 2017...here's a preview of those swings and of course I couldn't quite stay out of view...

Sam's swing

Tom's swing

Phoebe's swing

By sally crompton, Oct 26 2016 08:52AM

Thanks to Andy Dunbar at Stratford Oaks you will soon be able to compare your shots with a PGA pro. I'm currently building the compare for advanced playback and so far I have Sam Whitehead demonstrating chip, long iron and driver shots. It was a bit late in the afternoon so the light levels were a bit low and I also forgot that I'd be visible in the next bay with the 'in front' camera - hopefully that won't be too distracting!

In the next few weeks I hope to have a junior and a lady golfer to add to the demonstration shots.